Saturday, July 26, 2008

The Rainier to Pacific Relay Walk

Last weekend I competed in The Rainier to Pacific Relay Walk with my team "Striding Mac Moms." I have been training for about seventeen weeks. It was hard but also a lot of fun hanging out in the van with the ladies and getting to know each other better.

My first leg was 7 miles at about 5pm. It seemed sooo much longer! But I did manage 14 miute miles. My second leg was 3.5 miles at about 12:30 am. Thankfully we had a night system down by then so the van followed me the whole way and talked to me as I walked. Actually, we even did Madlibs through the window. However, this also slowed me down to about 16 min miles! But I was very grateful for the distraction! My last leg was 2.5 miles at about 5 am. This was such a beautiful and peaceful time to walk; 5 am used to be my favorite time of day when I lived in France and when I was in college. I loved to watch the world wake up. Nowadays it is hard to get me up at this time except for camping! During this last leg my hip and knee were really bothering me, so try as I might I still only did 18 minute miles! Yikes!

The last mile we all walked togehter, well, except I had to sit in the van because my knee felt like it was about to snap. That was very frustrating! All in all we walked 97.78 miles in 22 hours and 48 minutes!

I am so glad that I finished, had a good time, and haven't been too terribly sore or tired this week. I look forward to doing in again in the years to come, and improving on my times! It has kept me walking and exerciseing even when I didn't feel like it and has given me something to look forward to and be proud of! Thanks ladies for a fabulous time!

Monday, July 14, 2008


Okay, okay, I 'm jumping back on this thing. We have had quite a few fun events around here. First off Truitt now has six teeth! Four on top (plus an eye tooth that will be around shortly), and two on the bottom!

He is such the little communicator lately too! Maybe not with words we can understand, but with gestures, movement, mumbling and laughter (and crying too), he sure does let us know what he wants!

In our flicker account you can see photos of all these activities from the past month:

Father's Day hike
Trip to the zoo
Bubble hair
Park Concerts
....And more!

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