Friday, May 30, 2008

Love Returned

Carter is back.

Stephen went out with the flashlight last night for one last look around and to talk to the last two neighbor's we hadn't yet got to. He was found in the the back yard "kitty corner" to us, supposedly he had been there all day, playing with their cats. I had been calling for him from the kitchen throughout the day, so I am sure he heard me, but had no way to get back over the fence. He must have used our hot tub as leverage to get over there.

So now all is right here in our house. He is curled up on some blankets by one of the heaters. (Aspen has joined him and they are sleeping paw over paw!) We have had lots of cuddles and face smooshes last night and this morning.

My mind is at ease, and I actually got a full night's sleep.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Love Missing

In a twisted stroke of fate, assumptions, mistakes and bad decisions colliding, my precious Carter is lost. His brother Aspen returned earlier today without him. I cannot go into the incident further for fear of ruining a perfectly wonderful friendship. I am emotional and exhausted so I must guard my tongue.

But my heart and spirit are crying for my little Carter kitty. My sweet kitty, my cuddle buddy, the one who always knows when I am feeling blue and comes to console me first. I have walked the neighborhood three times today, but so far he is choosing to stay hidden, at least that is what I hope. He was my feline baby, my very first cat a moi propre. And Truitt has learned to pet and kiss him just like me (full face smoosh, in order to enjoy all of his wonderful soft fur), it is very cute.

Come home Carter, I know you are scared but just come out from the bushes and come home. We are here waiting for you.

If you see him please don't yell, please don't scare him, and please don't take him. Send him on his way. His family misses him!

(Stomach turning, wringing with worry)

Monday, May 26, 2008

Happy First Birthday Little Man!

My sweet little boy is one year old. He is growing so fast. His little legs have lost their baby look and their extra wide stance. He now has a much more toddler look with defined muscles even. Still no hair and still only two teeth, but much bigger all the same. He is beginning to run, and he is trying so hard to talk, he mumbles stories all day long, and we try hard to make out any words or gestures that can help us understand. I can't wait to know what he is talking about. And he must be frustrated too. He has started what one of our parenting books calls "oppositional behavior," not quite a full blown temper tantrum, but aggravating just the same with throwing his head back onto the ground and whining, or crying. To top it off he got a chest cold the day before his birthday party. So little man is in serious need of cuddles, kisses, and hugs right now, for lots of reasons. I am trying my best to explain things to him and just get through the tough moments that still have to happen (i.e.: diaper changing, face washing, dressing). Hopefully soon he will be able to either express himself or understand a little bit more. It is simply amazing how fast the human psyche wants to be independent, and expressive.

We have experienced so much change over the last year and there is still so much more to come, and we are looking forward to every single moment. Truitt, I know I can't catch every fall, or wipe every tear, but I will always be here for you. To quote a Chinese proverb: I will give you roots to ground you and I will let your wings soar to reach your dreams.