Wednesday, August 27, 2008

We live in Mayberry!

I didn't have the camera with us (darn it!) , but here a picture of the main engine we saw.

Last night after dinner we walked to the library to get more books. On our way home we decided to walk past the fire department. Truitt was mesmerized as we passed the shining trucks. He was actually at a stand still pointing at their beauty. Then one of the firemen saw us and invited us to come in! He let Truitt into the cab of their main engine! He got to touch nozzles and gears and was a very special moment. The fireman finished the surprise tour with a MAC fireman hat and a ton of stickers. We already have Truitt's costume for this year, but next year I think it is going to have to be a Fireman. Maybe I can find a baby fire hydrant costume to go with him!

A Weekend Visit from Auntie Nicole...she went home with more than she ever thought she would!

Nicole joined Truitt and I at Carrie's baby shower. She is one beautiful pregnant Mama! Her little boy is set to arrive Sept. 29. I can't for all of our boys to play together!

Dinner/ Happy Hour at McMenamin's Hotel Oregon...Truitt sees a truck!

And Finally...Introducing La Chatte Nikita!

The neighbors found this beautiful cat on Friday and were looking for someone to take her home, when Nicole showed up for an innocent weekend visit. It was love at first sight! She was christened Nikita and is now at home with Nicole, and I am told settling in very well. She follows Nicole around her apartment, cuddles, and every once in a while has a kitten burst of energy. I am so glad Nicole has this sweet little kitty to come home to!

Nikita has very striking markings. Here you can see the tiny little heart she has on the top of her head. She also has a heart shape on her thigh. Her feet are still looking a little too big for her body, so we think she is going to be a tall kitty. She reminded us of a Russian super model in cat form, hence the name.

Camp Disney at Bridgeport with Pearl and Scarlett

Despite the rain we kept our long awaited play date for this Gymboree day at Bridgeport. The kids had fun for the actual event, but the real highlight was the rain puddles!

Scarlett gets her groove on!

Truitt makes a friend!

After the Gymboree fun (boy I wish we had one closer!) We all had a yummy lunch at PF Chang's! Pearl's second is set to arrive on Oct. 2, hopefully we can all get together again before life gets cozy once morefor them.

August Ended up Being Fuller Than I Expected!

Here is Truitt with his Great Grandma Ruth. We stopped by for lunch along with Great Aunt kay from Colorado, and Nana Janet. We shared with them the news about the new baby!

Truitt swinging at GrandDad and Grandma Debbie's in the airplane swing. Finally brings smiles!

My first harvest of Green and Purple beans from the garden. The garden has been pretty meager this year...we haven't had much tomatoes (most of them have big brown bottoms?) , and I only got one big zucchini (and a bunch of little ones, I'm talking about 3 inches!), and there is only one butternut squash growing!

A couple weekends ago we had a major heat wave here in the Willamette Valley. After the first day I couldn't take any more, so Truitt, Penny and I got outta dodge and headed to the beach for some "Mom and Son Friday Fun". We ended up at Pacific City. We had such a wonderful time. We ate lunch at The Pelican and then played in the sand for two hours! I can honestly say that it was great to just "hang out" with my little guy. It really was a little get away!

Our first shells, one big and one small!

A boy, his tractor, and sand...what could be better!

Then on Sunday, still frightened by the possibility of humidity we all headed to the beach again. It was much cooler. After lunch at Pirate's Cove in Garibaldi, we headed up to Manzanita, probably our favorite beach, well, Devil's Punch Bowl is a close second! It was actually raining a little when we got there, then after about an hour on the beach it started thundering and lightning! It was crazy!

Then we walked through town and did some window shopping. On our way back to the car we found a new hot dog stand called "Mudd Dogs". They were closing up but let Truitt play on this Jeep. He was in heaven! Thank goodness the battery was disabled!

Here we are at the Portland Providence Bridge Pedal. We did the 14 mile family ride. It was much smoother than in years past, both from thier end and ours! The route was better, it seemed calmer, and I didn't have to walk up one brigde! I was able to ride the entire way and not ever feel totally exhausted, a little deep breathing, but I never had to stop! It felt good that even though I may not be as skinny as I used to be I am stronger than ever! Thanks Stroller Strides! Truitt was a pretty good little trooper too. He was done a few miles before the end, but considering he had an hour long ride in the car to get there and then had to sit for two hours for the actual ride, he did great. Maybe next year we will have to get there super early and have breakfast or something so he can have a chance to run arounf first!

Stephen and Truitt look at the city from the Marquam Bridge.

The crowd gets ready to go.

Truitt at Hurst's Berry Farm visiting Daddy. He now wants to walk down the stairs like a big guy and actually step instead of crawling down backwards!

Stephen and Truitt out looking at the Trucks!

In the packaging warehouse.

Also not pictured:
An overnight visit from Carla and Caiya from Portland-what fun we had getting hot cocoa and playing at the park in the morning.

An overnight visit from Liz and Abigail Bryce from Milton, WA- we had some much needed talk time face to face after almost 2 years! The next day we enjoyed a walk to New to You and swimming at the pool!

Truitt's one year check up (at 15 months!) All was given a big thumbs up! We have such a happy and healthy little boy!
Height: 31.5" (75%)
Weight: 22.3 lbs. (25%)
Head: 18.5" (50%)

Thursday, August 14, 2008

My Name in Print!

The local paper, The News-Register, did an article about our RTP walking team! Paste the link below to read the article:

It's pretty hilarious!

Friday, August 8, 2008

Baby Number Two On It's Way!

Tuesday we had our first doctor's appointment and heard a nice strong heartbeat, 162 bpm! So, it's official, we are having a baby! Due date is March 24th, but I'm sure I will be early like I was with Truitt. Maybe a St. Patrick's day baby?! Truitt and the baby will be 22 months apart. We are very excited!

It's hard to see, but that's the baby along the lower right side of the black oval. We saw the heart fluttering, and the sound it made was magic!

Daddy reading the positive test on July 15th! Happy 20th Anniversary Dad and Debbie and Happy Birthday Shae and Riley!

Poor Truitt doesn't know what hit him!

Sorry Truitt, I can't give birth to a firetruck!

I'm dreaming of an 18 wheeler!

Wednesday morning we woke up to an 18 wheeler pulling up in front of our house. Well, do you remember what it was like to wake up and find snow outside on a school day? Well that was the look on Truitt's face! Pure delight and wonderment!

Petanque et l'Agneau

A few nights ago our neighbors, and owners, at the B&B, A Tuscan Estate, invited us over to play Petanque, also known as Boche Ball in the US. They have a certified professional court filled with crushed limestone! It was like a little evening vacation in France! Then they invited us to stay for dinner! Jacque is an authored French chef... what a treat in itself...then he made lamb, my favorite! We were also treated to some Truffle sea salt, and some delicious, gooey, yummy French cheese. We walked home with full bellies and smiley faces! It was such a fun night!

Jacque, Truitt, Stephen, and Liz

Follow this link to learn more about A Tuscan Estate:

Happy 30th Birthday Jaida!

Last weekend Jaida, one of my oldest friends ( we have known each other since we were about 6!) celebrated her 30th birthday! She had a big wonderful potluck BBQ at her house in St. Helens. It was fun to see her family and get to know her husband better. Truitt had a ton of fun climbing the gravel hill in their backyard and chasing a little dog and a little girl around.

It is so fun to be able to celebrate the year of the 3oth with such old dear friends!

Me and Jaida

Shayna (Jaida's little sister), Jaida, and me

Jenni, Jaida, Me and Heather (some old friends from elementary school that I haven't seen since!

Truitt trying out a skateboard, which he took to a little too well!

Happy 30th Birthday Stacey!

Stacey and I have been friends since 8th grade, so since we were about 13. On July 24th she turned 30! We joined her family and friends to help her celebrate this important day. I can't imagine my life without her kindred spirit. It was wonderful to be there, or should I say to have her here all the way from Connecticut. Here is an awesome tidbit, Stacey's birthday is exactly three months before mine, and on Stephen's mom's birthday; Lyn, Stacey's mom's birthday is exactly three months before my mom...weird! I love "coincidences" like that!

Stacey with her favorite...Jamocha Almond Fudge Ice Cream

Stacey and Joe with some photo nightlights from us. Joe loves night lights just like me!

Our gift to Stacey, a signed CD of Michael Allen Harrison lullaby music for her classroom

Stacey and my little guy...he hears a truck outside!