Monday, November 3, 2008

An Afternoon Alone

Last Sunday I had the whole afternoon to myself, I left at lunch time and didn't get home until dinner time! I was a little sad to be leaving my guys, but I knew I needed the break. I did some shopping and then sat in a coffee shop and had some peppermint tea and a brownie for twenty five glorious minutes all by myself while I waited for book group to join me. It was divine to sit in silence and watch the shoppers and just enjoy the moment.

Then we went and saw The Secret Life of Bees. Oh my goodness, BRING TISSUES! I was a complete mess! But a great movie with great acting, and very appropriate to see before the election too. You will leave happy your life is so easy and good!

It has been so long since I saw a movie in the theater!!! Probably three years. It was really fun! I returned home very ready to see my guys! Thanks for the break honey!

Next weekend I will be off to the beach for a couple days with book group. I am really looking forward to sleeping in! I know I will probably get teary eyed leaving home, but will enjoy some time to relax! And will be ready and rejuvenated when I come home.